A creative anthology of rapid responses from Arab artists to COP26

Illustrated view from a bridge in Cairo. It is summer and there are palm trees in the foreground and pyramids in the background.
© Deena Mohamed

22 is a major project, commissioned by Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, and produced by Penny Babakhani, giving Arab artists and activists the space for a creative response to COP26 and the climate crisis. 

In 2021, LAAF invited artists and projects from the UK and internationally that highlight the complexities and disproportionate impacts that the climate crisis is having on the countries and communities in the Middle East and North Africa region.

At the festival’s conclusion, 22 saw rapid response pieces published daily between 1 -14 November as world leaders gathered in Glasgow for the climate summit. 

Together these pieces form a creative anthology, which you can explore here, as it serves as a time capsule of this crucial moment in history, providing insight into the perceptions and preoccupations of those living or with heritage in the Arab world.