22 – Nooriyah: Lo-Fi Sounds & Soundscapes

A playlist made up of relaxing MENA beats, sounds and natural soundscapes with the intention of prompting the listener to appreciate their surroundings and recognise the disproportionate climate impacts on the MENA region.  Filled with Arab, Turkish and North African sounds, this is an ode to our environment <3

Photo of Nooriyah Qais

London-based international DJ, Nooriyah, is on a mission to make the influence of Arabic music known globally. Renowned for her unique blends of Arabic genres, grooves, and ground-shaking drum rhythms, she is one of very few selectors pushing a 100% Arabic sound on the UK airwaves with residencies on Foundation FM and Plus 1 Radio. Her intentional body of work encompasses music, literature, podcasts, and film grounded in a strong desire to highlight and uplift marginalised voices from across the Arab world and diaspora. From taking over the New Radicalism Festival stage in Rotterdam to playing New York’s Yalla party to headlining Dubai’s Femme Fest and London’s Shubbak Festival, Nooriyah’s stage presence is guaranteed to bring the energy that draws in crowds internationally. Some notable features include Vice ArabiaScenenoiseMille World and Renk Magazin.


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