2017 Festival

The Space Between Us responded to Liverpool’s city-wide 67-17: 50 Summers of Love season, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of 1967 and the release of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

LAAF 2017 titled its theme with a lyric from Within You Without You a track on side 2 of the album written by George Harrison which tells of overcoming the forces that prevent us from recognising what unites the world. The 2017 programme was mindful of the vital need to explore those constructs, boundaries and ‘spaces between us’.

Whilst the events, from music to dance, visual art to a food-led celebration were very different, many of them shared a common idea of bringing cultures and people closer together. LAAF believes in the transformational power of artistic expression and invite all peoples from all walks of life to experience the work of artists from the Arab diaspora who encourage us to think differently and push us to break down what George Harrison calls the ‘Wall of Illusion’ in his song. To see the world as it is and imagine how it could be.

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