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How you can support Liverpool Arab Arts Festival


You can donate to Liverpool Arab Arts Festival even without a PayPal account:

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As a registered charity, we rely on support from our funders, including Arts Council England and Liverpool City Council to deliver our annual programme, including our arts and culture festival. We also have organisations and foundations who help us to deliver specific aspects of our programme, including education, work with diverse communities and different groups.

Every year, we have events that are ticketed, and you, our audience, buy those tickets. We always work to keep our tickets under £20 because it’s important to us that income is not a barrier to art and culture.

The income we receive through tickets for our events each year contributes towards the costs of staging those events on.

Where will your donations go?

100% of your donations will go towards artists and commissioning new work from artists for the upcoming Liverpool Arab Arts Festival.

We are passionate that not only should everyone have access to the arts, but also everyone should have access to being an artist. As a festival we provide a platform for artists at different stages at their career, whether they’re just starting out, or they’re well known. Our work for the past two decades has been to increase the appreciation and awareness of Arab culture and arts. Our reputation comes from discovering hidden talent. We provide a platform for musicians, artists, performers, writers and creatives.

We love work that makes us think, that captures our imagination because we know it will do the same to you.

How we help artists

Creating thoughtful, heartfelt, detailed work takes time, energy and passion.

It helps if you have a mentor or someone who can guide you or offer you advice on what direction to take. It takes a lot of thinking time, a lot of trial and error.

All of those things, especially the time, takes money. Artists often don’t get paid for that valuable time just spent thinking about their work. At vital times in their career, they don’t get someone to call and ask for advice. It can be isolating, it can put people off. It can create barriers to art.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for us to work with underrepresented artists who are already suffering from a loss of income. It is more difficult for them to produce and perform Arab art, making it harder for us to stage it. 

It has never been more important for us to empower artists and to ensure that, wherever they are from and whatever their story is, they have the agency and ability to tell it and share it through their work. Our festival unveils a new world of artistic experience, both for performers as well as audiences. Art and culture provides a platform for artists to grow and develop, enabling communities to improve understanding and move forward together.

Every pound you give us will go directly to artists. It will go directly to help them create new work that you will see at Liverpool Arab Arts Festival in future years.

Artists matter. Their work matters. We will always put artists first.

Banner image: N3rdistan play Liverpool Arab Arts Festival 2022 at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Image by Michael Kirkham.