6PM (UK), Wednesday 26 May 2021 – via Facebook Live

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Liverpool Arab Arts Festival and Milton Keynes Islamic Arts and Culture invite you to an evening of wide-ranging discussion and performance, celebrating Yemeni and diasporic Yemeni arts and cultural heritage.

We set the historical and political context of the conflict in order to better understand the living heritage of Yemen, the threats as well as prospects for the future. In Yemen itself, a new generation are defining the narrative, through the medium of art and culture, as well as providing much-needed opportunities to build livelihoods and create jobs. We highlight British-Yemeni artists who are weaving their own stories, through new mediums, raising awareness of the conflict and their experiences in the UK. We also hear from cultural institutes about international efforts to preserve Yemeni tangible and intangible heritage. Expect traditional music and a spoken word performance to end the evening!

This event is a precursor to an online festival that MKIAC is hosting on the 24th of July 2021 which will feature Yemeni performers and seeks to build public awareness of the situation in Yemen and raise funds for charity.


The emergency is here.

Join us from 16 July – 14 November 2021 for the 23rd Liverpool Arab Arts Festival – an artist-led response to the complexities of the climate emergency in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region today.

The climate emergency is the greatest threat to our planet. Its dire impact is already being disproportionately felt in the MENA region, an area which has faced unprecedented climatic events in recent years. Scorching temperatures, rising sea levels and dwindling natural resources increasingly threaten a region already confronting the continuing realities of conflict and colonialism.

This year’s festival presents a multidisciplinary range of artist-led responses to the climate emergency. From performance to visual art, the festival provides a platform to express the lived experiences of those often excluded from climate conversations, while addressing interconnected issues such as imperialism, climate justice and capitalism.

Across four months, our programme will engage, inform, question, and creatively reimagine our future direction. It asks: what can we learn from those already stepping up to respond? How can we do more? How do we collectively deal with the challenges that communities are already experiencing?

In response to the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic, the festival will – for the first time – run until November 2021. It will continue LAAF’s mission to celebrate the best in Arab arts and culture, connecting physical audiences in Liverpool with audiences around the world online.

Further information on festival events and participating artists and performers will be released across our social media and website in the coming weeks!

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival returns from 9-18 July, but, because of these extraordinary times, this year’s festival will take place online. 

Our annual festival provides a platform for Arab arts and culture. Since mid-March, we’ve been talking extensively with our artists, collaborators and partner venues about what form the festival could take given these unprecedented circumstances. We have wanted these discussions to not only guide this year’s festival, but to also shape how we work with digital in the long-term.

Our 2020 festival will still provide an opportunity for us to connect with Arab artists and to also showcase stories from across the Arab world. 

We may not be able to gather in physical spaces – like theatres, galleries and performance rooms – but this does not mean we cannot provide a platform for our artists and creatives. This festival, we will be showcasing a diverse array of work via online platforms, from Vimeo to Instagram, that have been chosen in dialogue with our artists and that are most appropriate for each work. 

Many of our festival highlights are formed through celebrating with each other, through dance, performance and shared experiences. We have found in the past few weeks that, while we may be apart, we can still connect. Across the Arab world, there are stories of those who are disconnected, who may be quarantined, or are under curfew, yet who find ways to connect with each other and reach out to the world through arts and culture. 

This year we are separate, but together. 

We will be unveiling our full programme in the coming weeks. 

We’re not just waiting until July, though. We’ve been working with some of our festival friends, creative collaborators and partners to create some interactive content, giving you a taste of Arab culture in lockdown. Stay tuned!

Throughout the year, we work with communities across the UK, exploring Arab heritage and culture, giving people access to art and artists. This will continue, both online and offline.

As a digital festival, you’ll hear about how to watch and engage with us if you sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube

Image: Yara Boustany | ēvolvō’ + One Day & One Night Beirut | LAAF 2019 | AB Photography. Presented by Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, produced by Shubbak