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Keffiyeh/Made in China

LAAF Board member Zoe Lafferty is directing the UK premiere of Dalia Taha’s debut play Keffiyeh/Made in China at RADA’s Gielgud Theatre.

From 15 October 2019 – 26 October 2019. Book tickets here.

Keffiyeh/Made in China

by Dalia Taha

Translated by Clem Naylor
Directed by Zoe Lafferty
Design co-ordinators Jennifer Perault (costume) and Perdita Vaughan Williams (set)

I’m sure you were flirting with her even in the last 60 seconds of your life.

Nine seemingly unrelated vignettes explore connection and alienation, framed by life in modern-day Palestine. From a Palestinian keffiyeh merchant to a Belgian tourist, conversations and arguments between strangers, friends, lovers and colleagues highlight our collective experience as well as our differences – unearthing and undoing assumptions and stereotypes.

This is the UK premiere of Dalia Taha’s debut play, which premiered in Brussels and later toured the West Bank.

Born in Berlin, Dalia Taha grew up in Ramallah, Palestine. Her other works include Fireworks at the Royal Court and There Is No-one Between You and Me. She has also published two collections of poetry and a novel.

Zoe Lafferty is an associate director at the Freedom Theatre Palestine. Her work has toured major UK and international theatres including the Young Vic, Schaubühne and New York Skirball as well as to refugee camps, community centres, prisons, schools, caravans and on the streets.