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Grounds for ConcernCollective mapping workshop
Time/date: 1-3pm, Saturday 17 July
Venue: Maker Space at FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool L1 4DQ

This workshop invites participants with migrant backgrounds. Participants will be paid an honorarium for attending. Please bring a laptop, tablet or phone, if possible. 

Spaces are limited. To book a place please email: admin@arabicartsfestival.co.uk

Join us for a collective mapping workshop inspired by the themes of Jessica El Mal’s installation Grounds for Concern, on display at Mann Island Atrium between 16 July – 15 August as part of Liverpool Arab Arts Festival 2021.

Using printing and college, participants will reappropriate maps and reimagine borders significant to them. This will include legal treaties, geo-political policies, economic and ecological developments, as well as land acquisitions, affecting the area between the European Union (EU) and North Africa.

Grounds for Concern delves deeper into the history of borders and land acquisition, exploring the cultural and collective potentials of how to rewrite what we think we know about the world. In this workshop, research is used as an artistic tool against division and property.

In partnership with Open Eye Gallery and Bluecoat.

About Jessica El Mal

Jessica El Mal is an English-Moroccan creative dedicated to valuing time, care and human connection in everything she works on. With a particular interest in ecology and migration, her work is both deeply personal and yet draws on the universality of the human experience through a balance of digital techniques, aesthetics and interaction. The work tends to address global structures of power through critical research, multidisciplinary projects, and speculative future imaginaries often centered around collaboration, co-curation and collective knowledge systems.