Tag: Equality

Arts Council England today published its Equality, Diversity and the Creative Case report for 2018/19.

As a National Portfolio Organisations LAAF’s statistics are featured in the report.

The report features data on:

  • The workforce of NPOs including the diversity of people in key leadership roles and at different job levels.
  • The Creative Case for Diversity ratings of NPOs – for the first time shared for each organisation and against the new four-point scale.
  • This year, the report also includes data broken down by artform (discipline), Arts Council Areas and NPO bands.
  • The diversity of applicants to the last year of Grants for the Arts; the first year of National Lottery Project Grants and Developing Your Creative Practice.
  • The diversity of the Arts Council’s workforce, leadership and National and Area Councils.
  • Audience data from NPOs.

You can download the report directly here.

Image; Farah Saleh, Gesturing Refugees