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Daraa Tribes shot

We’re proud to be featured as a case study in Arts Council England’s Environmental Responsibility Annual Report 2020-21, a publication which presents National Portfolio Organisations (NPO) environmental data and narratives for the period of 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021. It comes as the Arts Council England and its environmental partner, the non-profit organisation Julie’s Bicycle mark the 10th year of their world-first environmental programme this year.

Read LAAF’s case study here

Read the full report here

Image: Daraa Tribes performing online at LAAF 2020

In February, LAAF’s Festival Programme Manager Jack Welsh was invited to present as part of A New Direction’s Principles Into Practice online panel.

A series of case studies exploring best practice in work for children and young people through the lens of the Arts Council England Investment Principles.

Jack discussed LAAF’s 22 project, which was produced by Penny Babakhani as part of LAAF 2021 festival.

The case studies explored:

  • Programming content that is relevant to and reflects the concerns faced by young people
  • How to create environmentally sustainable work and workplaces
  • Ways your work can have the most impactful connection with the principle
  • How to create programmes based on playful activism

Read LAAF’s case study: www.anewdirection.org.uk/training-cpd/principles-into-practice/environmental-responsibility/liverpool-arab-arts-festival
Read other case studies from the event: www.anewdirection.org.uk/training-cpd/principles-into-practice/environmental-responsibility