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Thursday 12 August - Sunday 15 August, All Day

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Omar Nizar works as a filmmaker and Founding Partner at a production company; a job he finds too superficial and non-artistic, mainly revolving around advertising, which he abhors. When his partner, Muhannah, asks him to create a commercial focusing on the history of Jeddah for a soulless and inauthentic product to please a client, Omar refuses and holds on to his principles, believing he should portray the country for what it truly is.

Jeddah to Omar is the place he grew up in, where his family and friends live, also his girlfriend Lina Najjar. They have been in a. relationship for two years, with Jeddah playing a role in shaping their relationship.

Omar begins his journey of understanding the true Jeddah by occasionally visiting the old town to film a commercial with his longtime friend, Selim, and their friend and colleague, Hala. The three of them are filmmakers with no repertoires. They met through working on small projects and were brought together by their love of the art of filmmaking.

Then he meets Farid Lotfi, the retired cinematographer who peaked during the late 1970s in Paris and Cairo, but ended in an antique store in the old town with his assistant Mahrous.

Roll ‘Em is the first Saudi film to be commercially released in Saudi cinemas through VOX cinemas in Jeddah and Riyadh.

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Director Abdulelah Alqurashi
Screenwriter Yaser Hammad Abdulelah Alqurashi
Cast Khaled Yslam Shaher Alqurashi Sarah Taibah
Cinematography Fadi Abu Ali
Sound Basil Alamri
Editor Mohamed Bakr
Music Mohammad Nasif
Producer Abdulelah Alqurashi Films

This film is not yet rated by the BBFC in the UK. We would recommend parental guidance, similar to a PG, as the film has some adult themes but is generally accessible to a family audience.

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This screening is limited to the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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