MENA Beats taster sessions

Saturday 8 July, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

World Museum Liverpool
Free, donations welcome
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A fun and interactive opportunity for young people aged 12 – 25 to experience the basics of DJing and music production led by Jason Farrag. 

Jason Farrag (Kristensen) is a mixed-race, electronic artist with Arab heritage, originally from Toxteth, Liverpool. He is a multi-media specialist whose expertise includes work as a music producer, recording, and mix engineer, multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, DJ and much more.

Jason has worked with a huge variety of artists throughout the city over the last 30 years, including China Crisis, The Christians, Heron, Shack, The Farm, and The La’s among others. Jason has worked steadily in Liverpool’s live music, urban, and electronic dance music scenes for well over 30 years and has helped set-up many projects for a wide variety of artists and musicians across Liverpool.

As well as running his own recording facility, Jason has run his own production company Urban Nomadic Productions, under the name Urban Nomadic. He produces his own material fusing electronic, and urban music styles, mixed with, and influenced by his mixed-race heritage.

He has licensed his productions music, and beats to artists all over the world, including female Hip-Hop legend ‘Lil Kim. Jason has also performed live over the last 30 years, as guitarist, or bassist in numerous bands, and is currently putting together a live and studio based electronic/acoustic project named Se7en. He also DJs under the name of Papa J.

Jason has also put on numerous live events across Liverpool and beyond. He was also the co-founder, managing, creative, & technical director of C.I.C. Global Arts Initiative Network (G.A.I.N) with Nikki Blaze and DJ Ola Bean. The initiative supports young urban artists to perform and establish themselves across the world.

MENA Beats is a Liverpool Arab Arts Festival project funded by Youth Music. It aims to provide young people of Arab heritage to develop DJing skills, mixing Western and Arab music to create contemporary sounds that are representative of their generation.

This taster session at World Museum is open to young people of any ethnicity who are interested in trying DJing.

This event is part of Liverpool Arab Arts Festival events hosted by World Museum Liverpool on Saturday 8 July. 

Free. Pre-booking required.


World Museum Liverpool, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EN

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