Thursday 9 July - Saturday 18 July, 5:00 pm - 4:59 pm

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Directed by Magdy Ahmed Aly
130 min. Arabic (JAN 2017)
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This Egyptian box office hit caused a sensation when it was released. Adapted from journalist Ibrahim Eissa’s novel, Mawlana (meaning The Preacher) the film tells the story of preacher Hatem Al Shenawy who rises to prominence as the host of a popular TV talk show. 

Renowned for giving assured answers to questions posed by callers and guests, Hatem’s celebrated public persona hides his struggle to reconcile his religious principles with political demands and pressures. 

Mawlana thrillingly depicts the complexities and power struggles between state, religion and mass media in contemporary Egypt.

This is part of our celebration of Arab Cinema, a series of features and short films from Arab filmmakers reflecting on different stories from the Arab world and Arab diaspora.


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Suitable for 16+.

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