lisa luxx: Eating the Copper Apple – Digital

Tuesday 20 July - Sunday 25 July, 6:00 am - 11:45 pm

Concession: £3, Standard ticket: £6, Standard ticket + £5 donation: £11, Standard ticket + £10 donation: £16, Standard ticket + £20 donation: £26
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Accessibility: Suitable for ages 12+.

A digital version of Eating the Copper Apple by poet and writer lisa luxx will be available online. This version has been produced for audiences who prefer to enjoy the show from their homes, and includes all the show’s effects, including the visual and soundscapes that accompany the live show.

Eating the Copper Apple takes audiences on a journey from West Yorkshire to Syria, in a one-woman show exploring identity, culture and displacement. Shaped by the writer’s life, the play brings together politics, dreams, loss and fulfilment – asking the big questions about how we become who we are and exploring the intricacies of the mixed heritage experience.

At once funny and philosophical, Eating the Copper Apple examines the tremendous impact of displacement on how we view our lives and identities.

Please note that this piece is best enjoyed using headphones. There are instances in the film where the audio does not sync with the image; this is intentional. 


Writer, performer, director: lisa luxx

Composer: Nour Sokhon

Visual Designer: Tamara Al-Mashouk

Dramaturg: Diyan Zora

Producer: Alia Alzougbi

Sound engineer: Scarlett Saad 

Sound technician: Anya Urban

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