Fatim Benhamza: Positive Pandemics

Friday 24 September - Sunday 14 November, All Day

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Fatim Benhamza’s project Positive Pandemics aims to raise awareness of the impact of ‘bad’ politics on the climate crisis in the Arab region. This series of three illustrations present utopian and dystopian visions of Casablanca’s environmental future.

Due to a combination of political, geographic, and social factors, Morocco is considered vulnerable to the impact of a changing climate in the future. This shows why it is necessary to refocus public policies towards improving environmental outcomes.

Consumerism, capitalism, and liberal economic models are systems that showed their inefficiency in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has succeeded in disrupting our urban, economical and environmental systems, making big changes in politics and behaviors. The word pandemic has been wrongly attributed to a negative connotation. “Pandemic” is no other than “pan-demos” which means “all the population”.

To build a future society based on sustainability, resilience and social solidarity in the Arab world, Benhamza asks why don’t we imagine new disruptive, conceptual and behavioural scenarios as positive pandemics?

The three illustrations can be viewed below:

Game of Powers (2021)
Dystopia[Meta- (2021)
-morphosis]Utopia (2021)

Want a closer look? Click on the images below to zoom in for detail. Higher resolution images of the two illustrations can be seen by selecting the title hyperlinks above.

Fatim Benhamza is a Moroccan artist based in Casablanca. Her work sits at the intersection between art and architecture. Working across both disciplines allows her to explore complex realities such as social injustice, political conflicts or environmental issues. Fatim’s work is engaged with urban development issues within Morocco, and especially the port city of Casablanca. She seeks to interrogate these problems via multilayered drawings that envision better living models for the population.


Fatim Benhamza Game of Powers (2021)

Fatim Benhamza Dystopia[Meta- (2021)

Fatim Benhamza -morphosis]Utopia (2021)

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