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Thursday 22 July - Sunday 25 July, All Day

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Arab Blues, or Un divan à Tunis, is a French-Tunisian comedy, the debut of director Manele Labidi Labbé. It tells the story of Tunisian psychoanalyst Selma who, after being educated in Paris, moves back to Tunisia to open a psychoanalytic practice.

The 2019 film had its world premiere at the 76th Venice International Film festival.

Director Labidi has discussed how the film shows Tunisian society in the midst of a major social, cultural and economic change. “After the revolution, the country suddenly became ‘chatty’ after decades of dictatorship…Words were coming thick and fast , spurred on by questions surrounding the country’s future , the looming economic crisis and the spectre of Islamic extremism. I understood that the revolution had had an impact on the population’s psyche”.

She adds, “The months following the revolution reminded me of the first months of psychotherapy. You’re lost, you have to rebuild yourself, you’re questioning everything. Then, gradually, things start to fall into place”.

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DIRECTOR Manele Labidi
SCREENPLAY Manele Labidi
EDITING Yorgos Lamprinos
MUSIC Flemming Nordkrog
SOUND Olivier Dandré, Jerôme Gonthier, Rym Debbrarh-Mounir, Samuel Aïchoun PRODUCTION DESIGN Mila Preli, Raouf Helioui
COSTUMES Hyat Luszpinski
PRODUCTION Kazak Productions
PRODUCER Jean-Christophe Reymond
CO-PRODUCTION Arte France Cinéma


Golshifteh Farahani Selma
Majd Mastoura Naïm
Aïcha Ben Miled Olfa
Feriel Chamari Baya
Hichem Yacoubi Raouf
Najoua Zouhair Nour
Jamel Sassi Fares
Ramla Ayari Amel
Moncef Ajengui Mourad
Zied Mekki Amor (Policeman)  Oussama Kochkar Chokri (Policeman)

This film is not yet rated by the BBFC in the UK. We would recommend parental guidance, similar to a PG, as the film has some adult themes but is generally accessible to a family audience.

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This screening is limited to the UK and Republic of Ireland.


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