Passports, Mo Salah, Jinn and Other Complicated Things: Ahmed Massoud and Farah Chamma

Tuesday 11 July, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Spoken Word

Join Ahmed Masoud and Farah Chamma for an experimental and unprecedented new performance work at Unity Theatre.  

For Palestinians, places and journeys have different meanings than others. Cities, towns, villages, borders, taxis, buses, officials, passports, ID cards and identity all come with a burden of history and existential issues.  

From being a writer in the UK, Dubai or Brazil to having passports thrown in their faces, asked intimate questions at airports or checkpoints, Palestinian writers Ahmed Masoud and Farah Chamma process this experience differently. Armed with a paper and pen, they let a stream of consciousness find its way through the pages. They observe, write and often fill forms for other Palestinians who have never traveled before and just wait, like everyone else.  

“What is your name?”, is the question often asked while officials stare at the passports for what seems like an endless moment.  

“Mo Salah”, Ahmed often replies.  

Combining elements of poetry, prose, music and theater, Ahmed and Farah will touch upon recent events in their individual lives related to travels to Egypt, Jordan and Palestine. This includes a common interest in the supernatural, superstitious and mythical stories they’ve encountered during their travels. 

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Farah and Ahmed have performed together in different events including On Memory at the Arab British Center and a poetry evening at the Courtyard Playhouse Theatre in Dubai. 

They have also collaborated on a theatrical experience featuring Maxine Peake, where a play called Obliterated was supposed to take place, yet got canceled in protest of Israeli bombing of the Said Al-Mishal Centre in Gaza.  

The two artists are also part of PalArt, a collective international artists, writers, filmmakers, activists, entertainers, humanitarian workers and academics committed to increasing the number of Palestinian voices and stories in the arts and media. 


Farah Chamma

A Palestinian poet and performer, Farah is known for her spoken-word performances, in which she combines orality, acting, and live music. She’s participated in many different events and festivals around the world including: Palestine en Campagne (France), Wilde Möhre (Germany), Bradford Literature Festival (UK), Karama Film Festival (Jordan), Faladura (Portugal), Requiem for Justice (Mexico), Le Guess Who? (Holland) and many more. In February 2021, she and Brazilian music producer Liev launched chamæleon, a poetry and electronic music duo. Besides her native Arabic, she also writes and performs in English and French. She holds a master’s degree in Performance and Culture from Goldsmiths, University of London and a BA in Philosophy and Sociology from the Sorbonne in Paris. 

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Ahmed Masoud 

Ahmed is the author of the acclaimed novel Vanished – The Mysterious Disappearance of Mustafa Ouda (Rimal Books June 2015) and most recently Come What May (published May 2022  – Victorina Press). Ahmed is a writer and director who grew up in Palestine and moved to the UK in 2002. In 2019, he worked with Maxine Peake on Obliterated, a theatrical experiment and artistic protest – you can learn about it here. Ahmed’s Theatre and Radio Drama credits include: Application 39 (WDR Radio, Germany 2018) Camouflage (London 2017), The Shroud Maker (London 2015 – still touring), Walaa, Loyalty (London 2014, funded by the Arts Council England), Escape from Gaza (BBC Radio 4 2011).  

Ahmed is the founder of Al Zaytouna Dance Theatre (2005 – 2013) where wrote and directed many productions with subsequent tours in the UK and Europe, including Unto the Breach (London and Vienna 2012) Between the Fleeting Words (London, Zurich, Freiburg, Ljubljana, Madrid 2010 – 2012). Ila Haif (London, Freiburg 2008-2010) Hassad (London 2007-2008). After finishing his PhD research, Ahmed published many journals and articles including a chapter in the Britain and Muslim World: A Historical Perspective (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011). Most recently, Ahmed launched his new artistic initiative called PalArt Collective.  

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