How do we translate our Arab experience in the West? How do we build connections in a society that needs first to understand our culture and heritage? How does our Arab-ness influence and shape the work we create?

ARTISTS / IDEAS / NOW brings together leading artists, creatives and activists to address the most pressing and complex conversations of this moment. In 2022, it becomes a podcast series, inviting Arab artists to respond to the LAAF festival theme, نقطة وصل – Nuqtat Wasl – A Point of Connection.

To build connection, we must smash oppression, shatter stereotypes, and reclaim space. Therefore, this year’s ARTISTS / IDEAS / NOW will focus on people building their own paths, moving the conversation forward in innovative and creative ways, demanding radical change and using art to envision alternatives.

This year’s ARTISTS / IDEAS / NOW is a series of podcast conversations that will appear here and wherever you get your podcasts.

ANAN TELLO an artist, writer and journalist challenges the stereotype of the refugee and tells us how she reclaims her narrative, in the face of discrimination and exploitation.

Secret Summer

22 – Are They Mesmerized?



IMAN AOUN artistic director of Ashtar theatre company, talks about their 30 year journey, and the unique experience of actor training, creative techniques and fundraising in Palestine.

Ashtar Theatre Company

Gaza Monologues


NADIA BUYSE a musician, cultural activist and transmedia artist takes us through her unique process of collaboration as she travels the world sharing stories and defying expectations.

22 – How to DIE/DIY –

Dubais Manifesto



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ARTISTS / IDEAS / NOW is an artist-led conversation, established in 2020 and designed to bring artists into conversations reflecting on some of the biggest issues affecting the world today.

Previous topics have included issues that the MENA region is often on the frontline of including colonialism, conflict, censorship, the right to self-determination, refugee rights, closed borders and the climate crisis. ​

ARTISTS / IDEAS / NOW is created online allowing artists based across the globe, some of whom have often been forcibly displaced or who are banned from travel, to come together. Now in its third year running, the conversations will take the form of a podcast.

ARTISTS ON THE FRONTLINE is a creative space for radical artists working at the forefront of social and political change. Whether through the latest digital technology, on the streets, or by inventing new prototypes, our work creatively responds to the multiple crises the world is facing.