2012 Festival

Saturday 6 – Sunday 15 July 2012
Liverpool Arab Arts Festival 

In 2012, Liverpool Arab Arts Festival explored the power of Arab arts and culture to embrace change and respond to turmoil and migration. The festival looked at the capacity of the human spirit and its ability to transform hardship into dance and song, into comedy and beauty. 

The programme included an Arabian Folk dance , with dance communities from across the UK coming together to create a dance show, and a journey to ‘Aljazeera Alarabia‘. At Unity Theatre, Rest Upon the Wind, written by Nadim Sawalha, telling a story of migration. 1979 saw two dancers, born during the 1979 war, telling their memories. 

Maysoon Zayid, well known from US TV, performed her stand up at St Geoege’s Hall Concert Room.

Writer and cultural critic Bidisha hosted a reading and conversation event at Bluecoat as she published her fourth book, Beyond the Wall: Writing a Path Through Palestine.  

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