2011 Festival

Friday 1 –  Sunday 10 July 2011
Liverpool Arab Arts Festival – New Histories

In 2011, Liverpool Arab Arts Festival celebrated its tenth year. The theme of New Histories investigated themes of history and change. Conceived before the Arab Spring, which began in this year, it also responded to a new political landscape. Artists were invited to be part of the programme to reflect in the position of the individual and the competing discourse of politics, identity, geography and religion. 

The programme included an exhibition at Walker Art Gallery by Wael Shawky, a prominent Egyptian artist, and a screening of his film Cabaret Crusades

At the Unity Theatre, Mokhalad Rasem presented Iraqi Ghosts, the UK premiere of a theatre work protraying the anarchy of humans at war. 

The Big Saturday saw an afternoon event at Bluecoat featuring music, debate, exhibition, film, food and more. 

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