Dis/Location: A Poetry Workshop about the Writing Process with Mona Kareem

Saturday 15 July, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

LUSH Liverpool, 3rd floor events space
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Mona Kareem standing near the sea edge. She is wearing round red glasses, wearing a navy jacket and white t-shirt.

Dis/Location: An intensive poetry workshop about the writing process with Mona Kareem, aimed at established and emerging poetry writers.

One week before the date of this workshop, participants will be provided, via email, with a booklet of exercises to work through.

Each exercise opens with a short essay or a poem or an artwork, followed by a few questions that are intended to guide the participants through a close-reading of the text. The readings consider the following questions and themes: practice, catharsis, language, translation, and migration. The aim is to think of poetry as a sensory meditative process that expands our awareness and helps us approach limitations and possibilities with fluidity and movement.

The booklet will prompt each participant to write a poem to submit to Mona Kareem at least 3 days before the workshop.

During the workshop session, each participating poet will have the opportunity to present their poem to the group and receive direct feedback from Mona, as well as to discuss it with other members of the group.

Due to the intense nature of this session, numbers are limited to six active participants.


A stateless Bidoon poet, Mona Kareem’s work is internationally acclaimed for its power and immediacy from her first publication at the age of 14. The collection comprises poetry spanning her career so far, presenting them together in English translation for the first time, side by side with the original Arabic.

Winning fans around the world, her poems are surreal, bridging the gap between the self and what lies outside. They enact a boundless porosity between the body, nature, and the material world. Kareem plays with language to explore the infinite depths of human experience and identity. These poems, with dates, times and places obscured, present us with new maps of precarious, unstable, and permeable geopolitics. Kareem delineates ‘rupture’ as a facet of the migrant’s experience.

Suitable for ages 16+.

Access: This venue is accessible. Please email admin@arabicartsfestival.co.uk for any access requests, including BSL.

In association with The Poetry Translation Centre.

Supported by LUSH.











LUSH Liverpool, 3rd floor space, 38 – 46 Church Street, Liverpool, L1 3AW

Image: Courtesy of the artist.

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