Heroine with a Thousand Dresses

Saturday 13 July, 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

£5 - £7


A one-woman show written and performed by Dana Dajani, Heroine with a Thousand Dresses is a journey through the diverse and eclectic wardrobe of Dana’s grandmother- a boutique owner in Jerusalem, whose love of fashion was her mode of self-expression.

Dana serves as a Mistress of Ceremonies, and through the ritual of dressing, dissects image and identity, style, sexuality, and standards of beauty in contemporary society. As she tries on garment by garment, Dana embodies a pantheon of strong and powerful feminine archetypes to tell HERstory through a personal, ancestral, and mythological lens.

Poignant, playful, and provocative, Dana Dajani’s Heroine with a Thousand Dresses leaves audiences – male and female, of all ages – with new images through which to imagine the force of the feminine.

Dana Dajani is an award-winning Palestinian writer, performer and activist. She animates her theatrical poetry with gesture and character, to give her spoken word a performative edge.

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