ēvolvō and One Day and One Night – Beirut

Thursday 11 July, 7:30 pm

Unity Theatre


ēvolvō is a complex, magical delight from visual artist and performer, Yara Boustany.

Following a journey from idyllic nature in the mountains of Lebanon, to the busy street-life of Beirut with its startling roofscapes and noisy traffic, ēvolvō is filled with wondrous images and optical illusions.

A strange creature invades the city, is it an ancient monster or an image of the city drowning in plastic pollution? Like an open-ended riddle, ēvolvō can be read in many ways.

ēvolvō is performed alongside the shorter work One Day and One Night Beirut, depicting 24 hours from sleep to wake – a journey from dreaming to reality.

Followed by a post show Q&A.

Minimum age 4+

Presented by Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, produced by Shubbak.


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