Young LAAF


Liverpool Arab Arts Festival (LAAF) - the UK’s biggest annual celebration of Arab arts and culture - has announced several youth pop-up events to join its exciting programme this month.

Young LAAF is a special project, funded by Amal - A Said Foundation Project to promote the voice of young people of Arab culture or Muslim faith.

For the first time, a group of young people aged 14 – 25 have come together to research, plan, programme and deliver special pop up events as part of Liverpool Arab Arts Festival 2017 (8 – 16 July).The following events are part of Young LAAF this year:

10 July - My ID

14 July - Ramadan Nights

16 July - Ramadan Nights Photography Exhibition

16 July - Choir Performance with Reem Kelani


Young LAAF funded by:

Project partners: Liverpool Arabic Centre, Calderstones school, Harthill Youth Centre