LAAF 2017 Programme


14 July 2017 1-3pm

Young LAAF: Ramadan Nights

The Quarry Hall, Calderstones School, Harthill Road  |  Closed event – school pupils only

Ramadan Nights

14 July, 1-3pm

Calderstones School, Liverpool

(Closed event – school pupils only)

This event aimed to increase the awareness and understanding of Ramadan by using Arab arts to explore the rituals and traditions.

For this event, the Young LAAF group commissioned master calligrapher Moustafa Hassan, and the Liverpool Lantern Company who create amazing light creations big and small to work with 60 pupils.

An award-winning photographer Leila Romaya, has been working with a group of young people to create an exhibition that was premiered at this event.

There will be cultural refreshments chosen by our young people: dates, samosas, and vimto!

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Young LAAF funded by:

Project partners: Liverpool Arabic Centre, Calderstones school, Harthill Youth Centre