LAAF 2017 Programme


10 July 2017 6pm

As I Open My Eyes (18)

Picturehouse at FACT  |  £5

Director, Leyla Bouzid.

The event was followed by a post-screening discussion with lead actor Baya Medhaffar

Leyla Bouzid’s film focuses on the world of Tunisian youth on the eve of the revolution. It’s summer 2010, and Farah (Baya Medhaffar) becomes the lead singer of an underground rock band. But the police are altered to their subversive performances, while Farah must decide whether her future lies in musical rebellion or medical school. As I Open My Eyes won two awards at the Venice Film Festival.

Co-presented with Arab British Centre’s SAFAR: A Celebration of Contemporary Arab Cinema. 

Director Leyla Bouzid was awarded the young talent Women in motion Award at Cannes, 2016.

Image Credits

Still from As I open my eyes. Director, Leyla Bouzid