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The Creative Case in the North

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival are proud champions of The Creative Case in the North.

The Creative Case recognises that equality is vital to a thriving arts community in The UK, both in terms of diversity of offering but also maximising the potential of the people who live within a community. We believe in working to release the potential in all, regardless of background, for the benefit of both the individual taking part and the art community as a whole. The best way to ensure excellence is to harness the abilities and creativity of all. Together we are stronger and better. 

The Arts Council have announced a new strategic funding programme for 2015-18, part of which will ensure there is investment to support the Creative Case through the new Creative Case commissioning fund. They are looking at how diversity is defined to ensure that all are included. 

This is why Liverpool Arab Arts Festival exists. To ensure that Arabic Arts in particular are represented, valued and understood for the benefit of artists, audiences and the wider society. Talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn't always. We work throughout the year to try and increase opportunity and ensure talent can be seen and heard. That is why we are keen champions of The Creative Case. 

We encourage everyone to say how and why they support The Creative Case on Twitter using the hashtag #creativecase . Join a thriving community!

For more on The Creative Case click here.